Install Squirt

It’s a bookmarklet

  1. Drag this link, Squirt, to your bookmarks bar (?).
  2. Visit an article you’d like to speed read.
  3. Click the bookmarklet.

Squirt stores anonymous interaction data to help us improve the product.

Can’t find your bookmarks bar?

This 30-second video tutorial will have you speed reading in, well, about 30 seconds.

Or, read these instructions

  1. Enable your bookmarks bar: Chrome, Firefox, Safari
  2. Drag the big blue button to your bookmarks bar: Squirt
  3. Visit an article, click the bookmarklet, and read speedily.


Q) Can I read part of a page?

A) Yes, just select the text you’d like to read before clicking the bookmarklet.

Q) Where do I submit bug reports and feedback?

A) Github issues is the best (search for your issue before creating it!), but emails to [email protected] and tweets @squirtio work, too.

Q) I’m a publisher—can I embed Squirt on my site?

A) Absolutely! The bookmarklet will work as a normal <a> tag— you can copy this one. Feature requests on Github will encourage me to clean up the code and make it easy to customize.

Made by Cameron Boehmer


Spritz Inc, the company whose patents are pending.

Readability, the company who open-sourced their innovation and made mine sustainably possible.

The problem with software patents.

Michael McKellar for a brilliant logo concept.

Shu Uesugi for his Jekyll theme, Solo.